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Published 02/06/2020 · 3 min read

Which payment methods do you use? Do you often detect errors? Do you think some customers do not buy in your eCommerce because you do not have their usual payment methods? PayXpert has the solution. It works as a payment platform and allows eCommerces to centralize and speed up their processes, as well as to expand the transaction systems and acquire the local transaction methods used by their customers.

In the midst of economic globalization, one of the biggest challenges companies face is to be competitive in delivery timing, without compromising the quality of their products and services. This phenomenon becomes even more important if we consider the speed of e-commerce growth in Spain. A recent radiography of the eCommerce situation shows that "the tourism sector leads eCommerce in Spain", especially in travel agencies, air transport, hotels, accommodation and tour operators.

Tourists are a vital sector of the Spanish economy. Having their payment methods will allow you to attract new customers and increase your income. If you want to know some alternatives, join us in this post!

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Actual payment systems for online shops

Your website's visibility and the trust you build with your current and future clients are key to your business. To achieve these goals, at PayXpert we have developed several solutions that allow different collecting methods:

  • Virtual POS. It allows your business to accept payments at any time and place, using your mobile phone or our POS. It is a perfect solution for online businesses that need to integrate a payment gateway easily.
  • Physical POS. It is ideal for payments using WeChat or Alipay through a QR code. This last method is very popular among Chinese users.
  • MOTO. It allows payments processing without any kind of development or special system integration. The information is collected by the Agent, by a secure IVR or by sending an email.
  • PCI UVR. It enables your eCommerce to accept payments using our interactive voice response solution (IVR).
  • WeChat Pay. This is a payment function integrated into the WeChat application, an alternative method that is already available in PayXpert and allows users to complete the payment from their Smartphone. It is the most popular mobile app in China and is well known for its many features, from payments to shopping, social networking and other services.
  • Alipay. It is a solution that allows your clients to make quick, easy and smart payments. Currently, it has more than 600 million users and its goal is to optimize the way you pay for any type of product or service, from a restaurant, to a transfer and payment in a small business.
  • MIR. After the Central Bank of Russia established this national payment scheme in 2014, its holders can make purchases online or offline. PayXpert is the only MIR processor in Europe, so you can now integrate it into your e-commerce to welcome customers from the new market and increase conversion.

Confidence and customer attraction. Thanks to the variety of payment methods your eCommerce can count on, while adapting to the customers' needs in different countries. Security in your online business. PayXpert has additional tools to optimize your payment methods, business intelligence and anti-fraud panels.

Modern and updated image. Your eCommerce can integrate MIR with the only European platform that offers this service. In addition, you will have an overview of the transaction performance.

Your customers' satisfaction. You will be able to accept payments at any time and place, making the transaction process easier.

Minimize errors. If the operation is in 'timeout' or even 'failed', it can be redirected to another payment option to increase its conversion rate (cascading).

Payment speed. PayXpert's digital methods based on IVR, TPV or MOTO speed up the process of transactions. The operation will be done with a single click.

Customer attraction. Thanks to the presence of local payment methods of tourists who buy in your business. You will increase the portfolio of national and international clients and the conversion of potential consumers.

The new payment methods are increasingly essential for you to succeed in the online market and make your customers pay comfortably and easily. No matter what your product or service is ( a delivery restaurant, a hotel, flights, shipping, bookings...), payment processing is critical and impacts your business results.

Serve your customers with the simplicity, comfort and security they need!


Specific payment alternatives with PayXpert

Our payment processor has over 100 different methods to charge users who demand your products. Below, we will tell you about the 3 most used payment methods for international tourism arriving in Europe:

If you have an eCommerce and would like to accept new payment methods, tell us, we can help you!


What advantages will your business get with new transaction systems?

Our clients already know how important it is to take care of the smallest details in their customer relations, starting with their comfort when making a payment and their financial peace of mind. Now you can differentiate yourself from the competition with these advantages:

Experience the best way to work with a safe and reliable company. At Payxpert we offer the most complete personalized solution for you.


Conclusions about current payment methods

Now that you know some innovative solutions for your eCommerce, it's time to identify which payment methods your customers use. Mobile payment, whether through an app or the web, is a trend in the market. If we join the statistics with the forecasts that World Tourism Organization makes about tourists for 2020 in Spain, eCommerce needs to adapt its transaction systems to meet the growing tourism in other countries. It must do so with solutions that improve its purchasing experience, increase conversions and the consequent volume of sales. WeChat, AliPay and MIR are three examples.

At PayXpert, we want to offer the best payment experience to buyers and sellers alike.

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