Keys to maximising checkout conversions

Diego Katzman

Diego Katzman
Published 08/09/2020 · 3 min read

Simple steps on how to sell more and better on the internet. Avoid the most typical mistakes and give your ecommerce the sales strategy it needs

Developing a sales strategy adapted to your brand, focused on the needs of your client, a strategy that knows how to respond to the situation of the world at that time.... Well, yes, it's an arduous task that (we are sorry to tell you) you will never finish because both your clients and the world are evolving. But it's not about finishing or not finishing: it's about your brand (and the tools you use to communicate it) evolving at the same time. 


Financial technology: yet another tool to communicate the more friendly side of your brand

Fintech is a very subtle ally: if you have it, your customers will carry out their purchases enjoying a great user experience. Still, it's unlikely that they will end up saying "Wow, what a great idea the Pay by Link is. They will simply feel that the checkout process has been simple and secure, while helping you strengthen your customer-user relationship. But if you don't have it... A payment gateway that is not very intuitive or that requires great effort on the part of the client is the cause of an average cart abandonment rate of around 70%. 


How a good ecommerce sales strategy can help you improve your KPIs

That's right: we want to help you sell more online so that you can reach the KPIs you've set for yourself. How? By doing what we do best: helping you understand how you manage payments and facilitating the management control of your business so that you can make the best decisions. Decisions that will save you time and money that you will be able to invest in your company. Here we bring you some ideas to avoid the most common errors in checkout and improve the conversion rate of your ecommerce website.

Financial technology to get the best user experience during checkout

There is a very simple way to know that you offer a convenient and effective payment gateway: your cart abandonment rate does not exceed 50%. Yes, 50% is still a lot, but remember that many visitors are not yet at the final phase of the sales funnel: buying from you. They come in to look, to get to know you or to get a sense of a future purchase. However, a friendly payment gateway will help you not lose those customers who do intend to buy from you: they just need you to make it easy for them


3 keys to improve your ecommerce conversion rate during checkout

Smart payment methods: convenient, simple and fast

An ecommerce website with a sales strategy knows when your customer is ready to make a purchase and offers them the option to pay. This magical moment can happen (almost) anywhere: from your social networks, through your phone assistants, through a chatbot... One of the best options to approach your client in all these cases is the Pay by Link payment method. This is a link that redirects the user directly to the payment webpage. It's a way to offer your customers the security guarantees they expect from you (and to gain their loyalty). As well as being very easy to integrate into your website, it is totally customisable with the look and feel of your brand.

Providing assurance in the first conversion is key to loyalty

To top it all off: If you want to offer the most customised payment experience you will use data management tools to get to know your customers better and know what other products may interest them, among other things. Visit our website to learn about our data mining tools.


Offer the payment methods your customers prefer

Imagine finding a website that you love, that offers products that you identify with and that you are willing to buy. After spending a good amount of time researching and filling your shopping cart, you decide to pay. You fill in the shipping details, and at the time of payment you realise that they do not offer your usual payment method, and that you are forced to abandon the purchase (and the brand) forever. At this point, it is very difficult for the customer to reconsider buying from this site. 

That's why offering payment methods tailored to your customers' needs is an essential step in optimising your ecommerce conversions. You may be used to your e-commerce payment gateway only offering the option to pay by card, or even Paypal. If so, you're missing out on millions of potential customers around the world using payment methods like MIR in Russia, or AliPay and WeChat Pay in China.

PayXpert allows you to offer your customers a payment method adapted to their needs, based on their geolocation, the device from which they are making the purchase and the value of their shopping cart. All through the smart use of data generated by your own ecommerce traffic.


Make sure your payment gateway is suitable for all devices

The smartphone is the main device from which users browse the web. Although some still prefer to make the purchase from a computer, having an ecommerce website perfectly compatible with smartphones is an absolute must. Another factor to keep in mind is that many of them visit your website through their mobile data, so having a lightweight fast-loading website is key so as not to lose potential customers. 

Did it leave you wanting more? Definitely, increasing conversions is the main obsession of those who are trying to boost their ecommerce site. The best way? A solid sales strategy tailored to your business. How? There are many ways, one of them is to choose the right financial partner. At PayXpert, we believe we can help you. But it’s better you find out for yourself. Have you already visited our website?

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