IZYFLEX and PayXpert partner to bring the best shopping experiences to Pharmacies


Published 26/06/2020 · 2 min read

IZYFLEX, the innovative digital platform for pharmacies, partners with PayXpert to offer their customers unrivalled payment services for their shoppers

The digital agency of ITEKPHARMA pharmacies has revolutionized the digital communication of pharmacies in France by launching a robust digital platform for pharmacies that focuses on being innovative, complete and accessible.

They aim that 2020 will be a turning point for pharmacies because patients are in demand for new services and experiences, and have made sure to embed the most powerful and flexible payment experience to their platform by choosing to partner with PayXpert!

ITEKPHARMA in a glimpse:


A vision to provide relevant Value-added services lies at the heart of Both companies

As the IZYFLEX solution took off, it encountered a worldwide obstacle in its ascent: the Coronavirus crisis. But of this health crisis, IZYFLEX has made it an opportunity to adapt and develop even faster… Always to be at the service of pharmacists and their patients. Thus, with the constant involvement of the teams, concrete functionalities were born in front of the COVID-19.

This is particularly the case of the health alert, which makes it possible to distribute health information and prevention information on all the sites of the solution (barrier gestures, information and advice on life in confinement, etc.).

The evolution of the online prescription module now allows local delivery to the homes of the most unfortunate patients in compliance with the regulations in force.

Teleconsultation was also the fruit of this COVID-19 crisis. While the confinement situation requires minimizing his movements and interactions, teleconsultation between a pharmacist and his patient was evident for the IZYFLEX solutions. Thus, a pharmacist can remotely and securely, interact by videoconference with a patient to take stock of his medication, for example. Pharmacists and patients significantly request this service.


IZYFLEX plus PayXpert, a powerful combination for pharmacies

PayXpert is a fintech company specialized in cross-border payment operations and the integration and management of the best and most innovative payment solutions for each business, always providing maximum security in purchase transactions.

Created in 2007, it currently has more than 150 payment methods and processes in more than 120 different currencies. In Europe, for example, PayXpert is, along with another supplier, the only official partner of WeChat Pay and Alipay, the most widely used payment methods in China. Its knowledge and experience of other more advanced markets in digital payments, such as Asia, means that it can provide its customers with the latest achievements in payment technology.

Thanks to the application of the most advanced business intelligence dashboards, IZYFLEX and PayXpert’s customers will always have all the information necessary for making decisions quickly and easily. Moreover, PayXpert customers have the option of making recurring transactions, subscriptions, and single-click payments, while the system safeguards user data using tokenization built natively into its platform.

As is the case with a now well-known pharmacy in Spain, Hospes, the partnership is also particularly applicable to foreign visitors to Europe, who in the past had relied primarily on cash, enabling them to accept payments from Alipay and WeChat Pay, which in the Hospes case boosted their sales by a considerable amount.

Moreover, the solution could decrease potential challenges brought by traditional terminals that connect with QR code technology. Therefore, due to the capabilities offered by PayXpert, merchants can quickly use their phone to connect with digital payments via a massive variety of regular and alternative payment methods.

IZYFLEX will present PayXpert’s full all-in-one payment processing solution for pharmacies, which includes our Gateway technology, regular omnichannel payment processing, plus alternative payment processing (for example Alipay and WeChat Pay), and POS and mPOS processing. We will also provide IZYFLEX with our top-notch marketplace payments solution for the European Market, cementing their fantastic offer for their customer pharmacies.

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