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Published 15/02/2022 · 3 min read

Tips to increase your business conversion through fintech 

January is sales season. Many retailers apply discounts to a wide variety of their winter products; clothing, footwear, or household products are some of the items most demanded items by consumers during this discount season. Whether you are a nationally oriented retailer sell products locally, or you have discovered the potential of international sales, we recommend that you take a look at this European sales calendar, where you can find out when popular sales events take place in each market.

In any case, planning a good sales strategy for the sales season goes far beyond applying discounts at certain times of the year. It consists of offering your customers an easy, convenient, and secure payment management service, with a wide variety of payment channels and methods.

Payment technology that meets the needs of your customers (no matter where they are from), minimises the pain points in the purchasing process and allows you to understand your key financial insights. Get your business under full control thanks to the financial technology solutions of one of the leading financial partners at a national and European level.

Fintech solutions from PayXpert guaranteed results... even during sales 

We bring you some of the main keys to get the most out of a business in both the national and international markets, during this sales season.

Cross border sales

In order to sell to the international market, it is not enough to know the main peak sales seasons; you also need to know your potential international customers’ main purchasing and payment preferences. Did you know that buyers around the world use around 450 different digital payment methods?

Some methods such as AliPay or WeChat Pay will open the doors to the Chinese market, MIR will make you accessible to the Russian consumer, while others such as Przelewy24, Sofort or Trustly (among many others) will be key to win over the increasingly demanding European customer. Discover why we are one of the leading catalysts of international trade, thanks to our highly acclaimed payment gateway. Discover our alternative payment methods that will give you access to the national and international market, increasing the conversion of your business not only during the sales season, but also throughout the rest of the year.

Abandoned shopping carts

Another major reason why you may not be making the most of the sales peak is abandoned shopping carts. What are abandoned shopping carts and why do they occur? Abandoned carts are one of the biggest frustrations for ecommerce sites around the world: with unfinished purchases by customers who were either simply visiting our online store and making a selection of products they wish to purchase in the future, or who were unable to complete the purchase because they could not find a payment method of their choice, or because they did not have a payment channel suitable for their circumstances at the time.

How to reduce abandoned carts with multi-channel payments? In 2022, it is not enough to simply offer digital payments to your customers; it is time to incorporate new and more efficient channels for them to complete the checkout process. Some such as pay -by-link, will allow them to access the payment processor through a link that they will receive by mail, SMS or even chat.

Others, such as IVR, will allow you to manage sales through an interactive voice response over the phone. The IVR offers you the efficiency of a call centre, with much greater availability for your customers and greater profitability for you.

Thanks to the SOFTmpos, your team will be able to carry a full-featured POS with them on their own smartphone. With this solution, you will be able to accept contactless payments made with a card and any of its virtual equivalents: Alipay, WeChat Pay, wearables, or wallets.

Sell more, by subscription. How to get started? 

It turns out that the sale of digital products and services has been one of the big hits of the last few years. If you have already designed such a sales strategy, the sales season is a great time to boost your business and build up a large base of permanent or subscribing customers. OK, but how do you manage subscription sales payments?

Thanks to PayXpert's recurring payment management, you can simplify the payment process for both you and your customers, increase cash flow, and reduce costs. Our system and team of experts will automate the management of these type of payments, eliminating the need for customers to manage new invoices.

Manage your finances like a real expert 

At PayXpert we have more than 10 years of experience as financial technology developers for small and large businesses. Our job is to guarantee results through innovation. Do you want to find out what we can do for you and your business? Visit our website or contact us. You are very close to the best version of your business.

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