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Published 30/09/2020 · 3 min read

Fintech has not only revolutionised payment gateways, but it also allows companies to make more conscious management control.

If there is one thing that characterises the times we live in, it is the relentless technological innovation. It's not uncommon for the state-of-the-art computer you bought a year and a half ago to be overshadowed by a new generation. Does it ring a bell? The same goes for financial management and payment gateways. Nobody would have thought 10 years ago that you could pay with your mobile phone. And the same is happening with data management, personalized offers or pay-by-link, among others. The main goal of the most innovative tools is to respond to the user's need to simplify a lifestyle of hyper-stimulation. PayXpert offers innovation to accelerate the conversion cycle: financial technology tools and services to help you meet your KPIs. 

Fintech to make the most of open banking

Thanks to open banking, technological innovation has brought with it a new way of understanding finance. But... What is open banking? It consists of collaboration between banks and financial technology to offer companies a financial management adapted to the current lifestyle of users. It allows (based on users’ consumption habits) to make an offer tailored to their needs and get ahead of them with innovative products.

This technological hyper development arises from the need to offer more services, simplifying processes. In the face of a global and complex market, it is essential to develop tools that allow companies to better understand the factors that make up the conversion process in order to develop a more efficient and optimal sales strategy.  

In order to respond to the maelstrom of applications that began to emerge, the European Union launches the PSD2 directive with the aim of creating a competitive and transparent online payment market. Something you can't ignore if you're thinking about starting to benefit from financial technology.


How to implement the PSD2 directive and benefit as much as possible from open banking?

If you are thinking of optimising your finances and management control through fintech, but want to comply with European PSD2 regulations, you are thinking (unknowingly) of a payments consultant. A payment technology consultant will provide you with innovative tools and services specifically developed to optimise the conversion cycle. In other words, we use technology to help you sell more, to more customers.

At PayXpert we know that users' needs are evolving and becoming increasingly complex. Or simpler (depends on how you look at it). When it comes to payment, the customer is looking for a payment gateway that offers a fast, secure and familiar payment method. This, which seems so simple, is achieved through omnichannel payment gateways: versatile gateways with several options that are suitable for as many customers as possible.

In a global and digitised market, companies need adapted payment methods. That's why it's not enough to offer the most popular payment systems in your country: to access the international market, offering new options is essential. Examples of payment methods that will open new doors to your business include WeChat Pay, Ali Pay or RuPay, key resources to position your business on the international scene.

  • WeChat Pay and AliPay: keys to the Chinese market. With billions of users, they are useful both for ecommerce (with intentions of expanding their market to the Asian continent), as well as for physical shops in Spain that want to give a pleasant surprise to Chinese tourists. An example of this are taxis, restaurants and hotels in the most visited areas of our country. Offering compatibility to the Chinese consumer allows you to position yourself among your competitors.
  • RuPay: is an Indian multinational financial services and payment service system, created and launched by the National Payments Corporation of India. PayXpert is the first payment processor to offer a payment solution for RuPay in the UK market.

Fintech beyond payment gateways: tools to sell more

As we said at the beginning, financial technology goes beyond omnichannel payment gateways. It encompasses all those technological tools and services specifically designed to give you a complete (yet simple) view of your business’ finances. With this mission, PayXpert’s Business Intelligence is born: simplifying your company's financial activity in real time to save you time and money.

PayXpert's Business Intelligence solution offers you a holistic view of your finances in real time through a simple and intuitive interface. Our goal is for you to know exactly when, where, and how the total activity or rejection rate occurs, so you can identify errors and react quickly. We show you accurately the financial reality of your business, so that you can develop an adapted sales strategy as quickly and truthfully as possible.

Financial technology to sell more in the 21st Century

If you've never heard of fintech tools, or omnichannel payment gateways, or data management for customised sales... This may all sound too confusing to you. It's normal. But there is one situation that everyone can identify with: the fear of falling behind. In the midst of 2022, with ecommerce at its peak, turning your back on digitisation of trade is ignoring one of the greatest opportunities for growth and positioning of your ecommerce. Betting on a financial partner is one of the most competitive options if your goal is to bet on your company's innovation. More than solutions and tools, PayXpert creates added value for its customers: we help you save time and money, increasing conversion performance. 

Sounds good, doesn't it? But there are a few more things we want you to know about us before you make a decision. 

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