How to choose my virtual point of sale terminal?


Published 02/12/2020 · 3 min read

If you are looking for a point-of-sale solution with the best technology, optimised for your business, to improve the user experience, you need a virtual point-of-sale terminal or POS. Or better still, you can opt for a payment gateway that integrates this and other solutions tailored to the needs of the business and consumers.

It will be easy. You'll centralise all payment methods in a single place, with quick and easy point-of-sale setup.


Features to bear in mind when choosing a Virtual POS

Before opting for any solution, you need to consider whether the POS is suitable to your business needs. And how do you check it out? Pay attention to the following features of a good Virtual POS:

  • It can be used in your business from day one thanks to its easy setup.
  • Compatible with a wide variety of peripherals.
  • It manages everything related to billing, sales, customers, inventories, etc.
  • Easy to use, in just a few clicks you can check the status of your business.
  • It allows you to sell more and securely all over the world.
  • It improves the digital payment experience.
  • It attracts more customers around the world.
  • It accepts payments with any card, how and wherever you want.
  • In addition to payment, it also allows you to make other operations (subscriptions, refunds or returns).

If you're choosing a virtual point-of-sale terminal, you'd better take these requirements into account:

  1. Having the SSL certificate  to verify that the information is encrypted, as well as prevent it from being obtained by third parties.
  2. On your website you must have a legal notice section, as well as specifications or conditions of the GDPR, Cookies, etc.
  3. You may have to pay some administration or certificate costs.
  4. Check if the Virtual POS you are hiring has a technical service available, you will need it at any time.

Choose the best Virtual POS for your business and simplify your payments! If you have questions about which one is best suited for your eCommerce, do not hesitate to consult us.


Do you know the advantages of using a Virtual POS in your eCommerce?

Now that you know what features to take into account when choosing your virtual point of sale terminal, we are going to tell you what its main advantages are. It is one of the most widespread payment channels in the world, along with payment with PayPal.

Take note, we will review the main advantages of the Virtual POS:

  • It makes it easier to make payments.

The process is instantaneous and if you have an online store with physical products, orders can be managed automatically. It's much faster than any bank transfer payment.

  • It accepts a wide variety of cards.

Both credit, debit and virtual cards. In this way, you ensure that the vast majority of customers can pay with the cards they often use in the market.

  • Increased customer confidence.

Users trust the service, especially if they don't even need to go through the bank's website when making the payment. They are more confident than if they had to enter their data on an unknown external page.

  • The administration module is online.

It offers the business the opportunity to access an administration module via web where they can carry out different actions, from consulting the payments they have received, to refunds or cancellations.

  • The activity is totally online.

You don't need to install any type of software to start accepting Virtual POS payments. And what’s more, you can accept payments anywhere, anytime. This solution will make it easy for your customers to pay you wherever you are.

And it reduces the risks of non-payment!

To hire a virtual point-of-sale terminal in your online shop you need to be a bank client, since, in most cases, you will need to have a bank account. There may also be other special conditions depending on the bank.


When should I hire a Virtual POS for my business?

Before taking the plunge, you should think about your potential clients. Are they elderly people? In this case, they will need more confidence to make payments online, as most of them will not be used to such operations. Do you want to increase your sales in the short- and medium-term? Do not miss out on the virtual POS option.

It is an ideal tool to attract potential customers and make them feel secure in paying for their purchases. Thanks to this solution, businesses can formalise their sales immediately over the internet.

The buying and selling, distribution, marketing or information of all the products and services you sell are part of the world of e-commerce. Don't neglect them and manage all your operations from a single platform.

In fact, some payment gateways, both online and at POS, include different payment methods themselves and additional dashboard services  that allow you to analyse all transactions and optimise rejected operations, among many other things.

Bet on the future of your e-commerce and offer users the possibility to choose the payment method that best suits their needs!


Summarizing the Virtual POS

This technology allows the consumer to pay for products and services through a credit or debit card. Imagine you're buying some clothes in a fashion shop and, as you approach the cash desk, you ask to pay by card. The shop assistant will show you a physical POS for you to swipe the card. Now, apply it to the virtual world. It works the same way.

This solution is essential to receive payments in any e-commerce. Now that you know how it works, what its advantages and requirements are, you can choose which one best suits your needs. As you can see, choosing your virtual point-of-sale terminal isn't so complicated.

If in doubt, give us a call.

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