How to choose my point-of-sale terminal for the hospitality industry?


Published 02/08/2021 · 3 min read

"I have a restaurant, and I want to improve the checkout process."

Well, you are in the right place to find out about the best point of sale terminal (POS) for the hospitality sector. We have the solution to answer your questions and add value to your bar or restaurant. You have found the perfect ally because, at PayXpert, we have expert consultants in financial technology who perfectly know the needs of managing payments and finances in the hospitality industry.

Join us in this post, and do not miss a thing. It is worth it!

6 steps to choose the right POS for my restaurant

There are many POS terminals on the market. How do I know which one is the best option for my business?

Choosing the right POS software and hardware for the hospitality industry requires a strategic approach. That is why we want to show you the main steps when selecting the right one for your restaurant:

  • Defining the aspects that identify your business

Determining the areas where your business is struggling will allow you to identify the main problems, as well as the features that your POS terminal should cover. For example, do you need to maintain a customer database? Does it require the ability to generate orders automatically? Do you need to streamline your checkout process? Many times, processing takes too long.

  • Prioritising interests

Make a list of potential hospitality POS solutions for the hospitality industry and their suppliers, check references, compare prices, and look at each supplier's solution. In addition, you should evaluate each supplier, their attentiveness, industry experience, and practical knowledge of the industry and business.

  • Evaluate supplier training

Do they provide installation and remote support? How do the different POS solution providers differ? How do they train you to use the tool? What types of technical support do they offer?

  • Check the cost of the service

This is one of the first questions we ask ourselves. How much is the service going to cost? It all depends on the type of platform of your online store, its adaptability, or the complexity of the POS integration process. That's why it's vital that you take the time to research the different options, review financial reports and business operations.

  • Consider usability

The POS system you choose should be the one that best suits your business and user preferences. For this reason, it is essential to ask yourself whether you will need any special plugins or extensions or if it will favour a fast and secure payment process without the need for manual reconciliations, for example.

  • Look at the POS that other competitors are implementing

Don't limit your research to the features of a single product and look at the POS software used by businesses similar to yours.

At PayXpert, we have the point-of-sale terminal that your restaurant needs. Not only do we help you to build customer loyalty, but we also add value so that your customers perceive you as their preferred option. Can you imagine meeting the needs of your consumers in a single click? Different payment methods, foreign languages, payment in cash, by card, mobile payment... Now it is possible with PayXpert!

Point-of-sale terminal for the hospitality industry

How many times have you dreamed of increasing the sales of your business? Many, right? Even more so in this time of uncertainty due to the coronavirus. This is possible with quality payment methods adapted to your customers and the possibility of paying the same bill separately, leaving a tip to the person who has served you or the restaurant itself. At PayXpert, we have the POS you need.

All this is possible thanks to PayXpert's unique travel and hospitality POS, which allows for the processing of payments. From transcontinental flights to bed and breakfast stays, we take care of payment processing and their administration. Our goal is to don't waste time on paperwork and focus on what really matters: creating a unique customer experience.

Surprising your guests and diners has never been easier. With PayXpert's payment solutions, you can create a unique stay and experience, accept different types of payment, even in national currencies, with secure, reliable, and fast processes that are integrated into your point-of-sale solution system. Why not take advantage of mobile or wireless payment solutions to support transaction processing at the counter or the table?

Main findings on POS solutions for businesses

Are you looking for a POS solution for the hospitality industry? Do you run a hotel, an accommodation business, or a restaurant? Surprise your customers with an easy payment experience. Accept all types of payment securely, reliably, and quickly. The main advantages we offer for you and your consumers are:

  • A simple, user-friendly payment system. Today's customers no longer expect quality or price but an unforgettable experience. If we consider that a satisfied customer is the one who finds their favourite payment method, imagine how important it is to offer that of your customers in your business.
  • Efficiency. The more efficient your payment solution is, the more likely customers are to return.
  • Proximity. We work with you to ensure your payment processing integrates with technology and operations, eliminating the need for multiple payment systems and waste of time.
  • Added value. Our hospitality POS solution meets the specific requirements of your industry, with special features built to streamline business operations.

How much time do you spend building and improving your business? We have a modern solution that fits your operations seamlessly. Contact us!

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