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Published 30/11/2021 · 3 min read

How you can sell more with an optimal payment processor

After the atypical Christmas campaign that businesses experienced in 2020 (due to the pandemic), 2021 is set to be a year of increased sales. It is estimated that sales will grow by 8.2% during the Christmas campaign in one of the leading markets, the USA. The situation in Spain is similar: after the drop in sales in 2020 (estimated at 6% year-on-year), Spanish retailers are also predicting an improved campaign this December 2021, which will reflect the new consumer behaviours acquired during the pandemic.

According to the National Retail Federation, small and large businesses around the world register around 20% of sales for the whole year in the 30 days that the Christmas commercial campaign is estimated to last. So, how can you sell more in Christmas 2021? What are the expected sales this Christmas 2021? As expert financial partners, we have the keys you need to optimise your business and increase your conversion.

We show you how to sell more to more customers: we want to help you develop your best payment processing strategy for the Christmas 2021 campaign. We want you to have all your business performance indicators under control, so that you can respond in the best way to a sales campaign marked by the new consumer trends acquired in recent months. Read on.

Offer more payment options to your customers

Your customers expect fast, secure and convenient payment technology from your business. But not only that: they expect you to offer them their usual payment method by default, either one of the usual payment methods, or an alternative one. And what do they do if they can’t find it? Most likely, they will end up abandoning the shopping cart in your store, and look for one of your competitors that does offer a payment gateway with all these features. So how do you offer a payment gateway that includes all of this?

  • The best payment gateway has alternative payment methods: we want you to offer your customers much more than traditional payment methods. Alternative methods such as WeChat Pay, Ali Pay, MIR, and a myriad of payment methods from the US, Asia and Europe, opening the doors of your business to more customers around the world.
  • Multi-channel payments, more and better ways to pay: we want you to go one step further. Another way to increase your conversion is by offering new payment channels, in addition to the classic digital payment gateway. Pay-by-link, IVR, soft MPOS, or our well-known POS, which you can use for both physical sales and e-commerce. Make the most of all the sales channels in your business and integrate unified commerce thanks to a single, multichannel payment platform with alternative payment methods.

The best security for the best payment gateway

Now that we have talked about offering more payment channels and methods, it's time to talk about offering secure payments. A secure payment gateway with optimised security through tokenisation provides your business with one of the most decisive added values for converting leads into sales: peace of mind. In other words: it is what you need to make your customers feel that their data is safe with you, and that you know how to protect them from fraud.

The best management control: analyse your business’s main KPIs

Another way to get the most out of the upcoming Christmas campaign that is just around the corner is by analysing your KPIs. Keep your business performance under control by analysing the main performance parameters, as if you were a true financial expert. How to do it?

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard: a customised dashboard where you can consult, on demand, the main performance indicators of your business. How? Thanks to our innovative Data Management technology, we analyse the financial data of your business in order to create graphs to offer you in an intuitive control panel. Business intelligence technology  helps you to monitor your business activity peaks by days, hours and geolocation. Make corrections on the spot, and optimise your business conversion, knowing that you have an expert financial partner by your side.

A financial partner by your side to increase sales

It is time to plan how your business will deal with the highest sales peak of 2021. Now that you know the sales forecast and consumer trends for Christmas 2021, and you know the tools you need to face them, it is time to get down to work. Do you have a strategy adapted to the new demands of your customers? Optimising your payment acceptance strategy with a payment gateway has never been so easy. We want to offer you the best, so that you offer the best to your customers. Are you ready to get the most out of your business in the upcoming December 2021 campaign?

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