Get ready for peak sales: benefit more from fintech


Published 04/01/2022 · 2 min read

We show you how to optimise your finances at peak sales times

Global retail is on the rise: from $23.6 trillion in profits in 2018, this sector is expected to reach $26.7 trillion by 2022. Likewise, we can observe how online sales are one of the main drivers of sales; here’s why. It turns out that the volume of eCommerce sales around the world has been growing steadily. According to Statista, from 2014 (with $1336 billion in sales) to 2020 (with $4280 billion in profits), growth has been steady. Moreover, online retail sales are expected to reach USD 4891 billion globally by 2021.

But that’s not all: in addition to a booming consumer trend in both retail and online commerce, the highest sales peak of 2021 is upon us: the Christmas season. Already in 2020, December, and January sales reached USD 876 billion. Similarly, these numbers are expected to remain the same or even increase in 2021.

With such a favourable forecast insight for physical and online retailers (the latter especially), it is incumbent on both to make the most of the upcoming sales peaks. How to do so? In this post, we show you how financial technology allows you not only to sell more online or in your physical store but also to offer the best payment experience to your customers, while you keep fraud at bay or perform the best management control of your business finances. Get your best results from an expert financial partner: analyse the main KPIs of your finances, and offer the best UX to your customers. All this? All this is what we can do for you, thanks to our fintech solutions. Here's how.

How to sell more and better with fintech

  • The importance of offering the best payment gateway in your business: the moment of payment is one of the main "pain points" of the purchasing process. Offering secure, convenient, and efficient technology is the best way to tell your customer that you know their needs and that you care. Do you know why we think our payment gateway is the best? Because we offer omnichannel payments, as well as alternative payment methods so that your customers can choose the payment method that best suits their needs in every circumstance. Omnichannel payments include: the traditional digital payment, pay-by-link (which you can send to customers via chat, SMS, or email), Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO), PCI IVR, and physical android point of sale (POS).

    In addition to omnichannel payments, offering alternative payment methods is another key to reaching more customers: guarantee the best payment service and build customer loyalty. Domestic and international payment methods include WeChat Pay, AliPay, MIR, and many more. Learn more about the payment methods included in our payment solutions and discover the endless opportunities they hide for your business.
  • Data management for the best business intelligence: another way to make the most of sales peaks is to carry out the best management control. "How?", you may ask. Very simple: thanks to data management, you can transform the financial big data of your business into an intuitive business intelligence dashboard to analyse your business’ main KPIs like an expert, at a glance.
  • The most secure payment gateway, thanks to tokenisation: another key factor to "win your customers’ hearts" and optimise your sales from now on, is offering the most efficient payment technology, in terms of security. That is why transactions processed through the PayXpert payment gateway are protected by tokenisation, which is much more reliable than traditional encryption.

Sell more in your retail business with PayXpert

We are convinced that we can offer you better results in your retail business. Not only do we want to help you sell more, to more customers, but we want you to have more control over your business finances. Are you getting the most out of your business? Financial technology is here to help you solve this question, the best way. Welcome to the fintech era: we want you to learn about PayXpert's payment and management control solutions. We want you to discover how far your business can go.

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