How to make the most of Fintech Innovation for Your Business


Published 20/12/2022 · 3 min read

Are you still on the fence regarding investing 100% in Fintech? Perhaps the right question to ask is: Do you want to increase your conversion rates? Optimise your time and resources? Make your team's work easier?

Technology is an evolving tool with infinite functions, but one stands out above all others: making people's lives easier. And, of course, finances also have a central part to play. Technology designed to make optimal use of financial management is what fintech is all about. And the teams that develop it and adapt it to the specific needs of each company are known as financial consultants.  

If you add years of experience satisfying the financial needs of small, medium and large companies, you're talking about PayXpert. It is precisely thanks to such a long-term relationship with our clients that we know the most frequent doubts of those who are approaching financial technology for the first time.

What is fintech?

What are its benefits for my company? How is it going to help me? How do my clients notice it?

A long list of doubts arises in people who consider integrating fintech into their company, is it worth the time and money investing in fintech? The proof is in the pudding, or the in the data, if you will. What are the factors that explain why financial technology tools facilitate growing your business significantly? 

The most frequent doubts in financial technology 

"What are "fintech tools"?"

Financial technology tools are applications and services that we at PayXpert have created with 3 main objectives: save you time and money, 2. to make the most complex aspects of your finances easily available, and 3. to position your business through innovation. That's right: didactic tools for optimisation to future-proof your business:

  • For data management - Dashboard with transactional data: the module that explains your finances. We know that so many figures can be overwhelming. As much as we know our business at heart, finance is still a very complex system in which many factors come into play. There's a way to sort and interpret all this: through charts that interpret your finances for you. This gives you an overview of sales volume, transaction activity, and risk percentage.

  • Get to know your customers through PayXpert Interactive Maps. Thanks to this tool you will get a geographical view of where your customers are and how they behave. What time do they buy the most in Madrid? And in China? What is their average ticket? Through which channel do they get the most customers in France? What are their favourite payment methods? By knowing the habits and preferences of your customers according to where they come from, you can make sure that you have a versatile offer adapted to your niche market.

  • To optimise sales: A multi-acquirer payment gateway.  What is a multi-acquirer payment gateway ? It means that you have multiple networks to process and approve payments, which puts PayXpert in a perfect position to increase conversion by reducing processing rejections, while reducing processing costs by always using the most convenient acquirer. In addition, eEto is especially important on special business days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or any holiday or sales season. On these dates, it is common that if your payment gateway only has a network to process card payments, it collapses and denies the processing of payments. And you lose a sale (and a possible future customer). Having a multi-acquirer gateway means that, in the face of possible network saturation, you will have back-up networks to process the payment and avoid the unnecessary loss of customers. 

"What are the benefits of fintech for my customers?"

  • Multichannel payments: A gateway to manage all payment channels.

From interactive voice response to pay by link or the pocket phone (SOFT MPOS). Your client can make the payment through the channel that best suits their needs or preferences at any given time. Even if your clientele isn't national, PayXpert payment gateway will adapt to their payment habits. As an official partner of We Chat Pay, Ali Pay or RuPay methods, our payment gateway will make your business infinitely more attractive to customers in China or India, among others.

That's right, by offering a multi-channel, international payment gateway with broad coverage, we manage to increase sales possibilities exponentially. A tailor-made service that will make the purchase process painless: quick and simple. This way, you can improve the UX of your business, whether it is a physical or electronic one.

"Is financial technology a good investment for my company?"

If there is a clear benefit of financial technology and its tools is that they generate much more value than the investment they initially require. Integrating PayXpert’s optimisation tools and services results in the following:

  • time and money saved
  • better management control tools
  • more resources for your team.

This is what we call added value: our tools allow you to make a wide and adapted offer, which your client values and which builds loyalty. In other words, PayXpert's added value translates into a better offer, a great user experience, and (consequently) customer loyalty. 

 Contact our team for a personalised consultation and start making the most of what fintech can offer you. Financial innovation for companies like yours. 

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