Financial resolutions for 2022: sell more and optimise your business


Published 03/01/2022 · 3 min read

Our 2022 resolution: to teach you how to sell more in the best possible way

With a new year just around the corner, it is time to take stock of the results achieved in 2021, a year full of unforeseen events. The statistics for 2020 reflect a year marked by the health crisis and the uncertainty it brought with it: 40% of companies around the world failed to reach the growth targets they had set for themselves.

2021 was a year to recover from the impact following the health crisis, and to restructure the sales strategy, integrating new consumer demands. And when it comes to strategy, online retail has undoubtedly proved to be one of the clear winners when it comes to responding to the restrictions of physical stores, and the increasing digitalisation of the purchasing process. And the fact is that 64% of the businesses that opted for eCommerce as their main sales channel met or exceeded their growth targets in 2020. What was already one of the most promising trends before the pandemic, has ended up being the pillar that has enabled thousands of companies around the world to survive, and that marks the way forward for the market of tomorrow.

As we enter 2022, it is time to set goals for growth and financial optimisation. We bring you the main market trends, and the keys to integrating them in the most efficient way into your business.

A hybrid sales model, key to the market of the future

The rise of eCommerce does not mean that traditional sales channels will become obsolete. The future is hybrid: 57% of the world's leading companies will opt for a hybrid sales model for 2022 onwards, and a significant 11% will opt for a fully remote model.

What does this mean? It means that if you are one of those who has not yet taken the plunge into eCommerce, you should consider integrating digital sales channels alongside your established physical sales channels. The result? A centralised hybrid model that is much more efficient and has higher conversion rates – what we in fintech call unified commerce.

One way to integrate a unified commerce model into your business is through multichannel payment solutions. What are multichannel payments? This is a unified sales solution, whereby you can offer your customers, under the same platform, different ways to pay for your products or services. Some of these channels are: pay-by-link, PCI Interactive Voice Response, or our already recognised POS or SOFT MPOS, which take your business’s point-of-sale-terminals one step further.

Data management to better understand your customers’ needs

Another key to increasing sales in 2022 is to focus on your target; in other words, to better understand the buyer persona of your business in order to optimise the performance of your sales strategy. Did you know that 50% of your leads do not fit the profile of your business buyer persona? And therefore, it is not likely that they will end up buying. The key to reaching more potential customers is to know your current customers’ features: their location, their demographic profile, their average ticket, and their buying habits, such as their preferred sales channel and payment method.

How can you better understand the profile of your ideal buyer, so you can focus your strategy more efficiently? We present our data management solution, which allows you to transform your business’ financial data into an intuitive business intelligence dashboard to understand your buyers’ profile, but also to track the sales volume in your business, from the most general data to a specific transaction, in just a few clicks.

Get to know your customer better, and perform the best management control

As well as getting to know your buyers’ profile, business intelligence offers you the data you need to carry out the best possible management control. Our dashboard provides you with the main performance indicators, such as transaction activity, risk, and sales volume. Analyse the main KPIs of your business, evaluate their performance on demand, and readjust your company's strategy according to your objectives.

Our 2022 resolution: To help you offer the best to your customers

These have been some of the key market trends of 2021, and our best financial solutions to integrate them in the most efficient (and effective) way for your business. As expert financial partners, our goal is to offer you the best financial technology, so that you can offer the best shopping experience to your customers. Shall we talk about finance?

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