End of retail sales season, could you have sold more?


Published 11/04/2022 · 3 min read

We review fintech trends to optimise your business

The sales period is one of the most important sales peaks of the year for retailers around the world: a long-awaited time for consumers to buy products at bargain prices, and for retailers to get rid of end-of-season surplus stock. The latest figures for the sales season are very optimistic: sales are up globally to the previous two records. In the USA this growth is close to 10% and in Spain the 2022 sales season is expected to close with higher figures than the previous year.

The truth is that we are living in a very hopeful time, where consumers are returning to the shopping pace to which we were accustomed and are reflecting a new, more digital lifestyle in their purchases. The reality is that the online shopping trend is set to continue in the future, and social selling is positioned as one of the new lines to follow to win over consumers who are increasingly making their purchasing decisions on social networks and whose consumer references are influencers. And you, do you think your business is ready to perform optimally in today's market? Do you think you have the tools you need to increase your conversion while minimising fraud? Our post today will talk about how to keep your business under control and give your customers the performance they expect from you. We want to show you how to maximise your business potential during future sales periods.

The best management control to keep everything under control

To optimise profits during a peak in sales, such as the sales season, it is essential to know the key performance indicators (also known as KPIs). The volume of transactions, their geolocation, the type of payment used by each customer... Not sure how to do it?

A Business Intelligence dashboard to be your own financial expert

Thanks to our dashboard, you will have available the main graphs and indicators that can be obtained from your business’s financial data. As financial experts, we have developed a system designed to process all the data generated by your company’s sales activity and provide you with an intuitive dashboard with the key statistics you need to effectively manage your business like a financial expert: conversion ratio, volume-specific sales data (both of the bulk of sales and specific transactions), or the main values to control fraud risk.

Multichannel sales and unified commerce: the winning combo

With sales increasingly diversified across digital and physical sales channels, it is important to have a single stock and sales management system that not only optimises your business conversion as much as possible but also offers your customers the possibility to combine different purchasing channels. What does this mean? It means, for example, that they can shop online and pick up the order in-store, and the sale is automatically registered, the stock is updated and customer data is stored in a single, centralised system.

This is what is known as unified commerce. So how do you implement it in your business? The best way is to integrate a single multichannel payment management system. We would like to introduce you to ours. As financial experts since 2009, we design each of our solutions with a single goal in mind: to help you grow your business in a changing market. Our multichannel payment solution has been designed to implement a unified commerce system in businesses like yours.

These are the main payment channels in our multichannel payment solution: digital payments, pay-by-link, our very powerful IVR, or the classic POS. The best part? All channels are linked to a single database, so you will have full control over the payment data of each of your customers. What are the benefits for your business? You will offer the best payment coverage to your customers, as well as an outstanding user experience. You will be in full control of your business’s financial activity, you will be able to deal with returns in the best possible way and strengthen those channels with the highest sales flow.

How to sell more in the sales... And the rest of the year

The best thing about fintech solutions is not that they help you sell more during peak sales... The best thing is that they allow you to get the best out of your business all year round. From management control to the best multichannel payment gateway for your business. Shall we take the plunge?

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