Digital transformation cannot be forced, it shall be embraced

Nicolas Riegert

Nicolas Riegert
Published 03/10/2020 · 1 min read

I am quite surprised that quite a numerous amount of companies and managers really think that COVID has suddenly led their digital transformation.

There might be some kind of generalised moment of grace, making people think that in the end, it has not been so difficult. I am afraid that digital transformation goes beyond buying laptops and setting up some VPNs, or getting an eCommerce website built in a couple of weeks or months.

On the short term, let's say the company culture is still vivid enough to keep people working together as a team. That suddenly a company can generate some sales through its website thanks to a few bucks invested in SEO or SEM.

But let's be honest, Digital Transformation will not happen by an act of God, and for sure not as a consequence of COVID. Let's agree on the fact it has been a triggering factor, obliging even the most resistant people to change, to accept they have no choice finally, but it will not be valid on the long term.


Real Change is not coming from a passive attitude. It's a long road, strewn with trial and errors, requesting the complete involvement from every single part of the company, starting obviously from the management that shall take its responsibility towards leading the rest of the company into the necessary changes.

I cannot avoid recommending the support of coaches as well as the regular use of pieces of training.

Managers should focus on subjects as different as:

  • how one shall organise its day of work at home ;
  • how to make sure the emails are sent to the only people of interest,
  • addressing clear points with a deadline and making clear who is in charge ;
  • building accountability ;
  • learning how to keep the attention of an audience ;
  • Organising efficient meetings on conference calls, starting with a plan, switching cameras on, requesting preparation of meetings before attending ;

So many logic and obvious things that should already be in place anyway with or without remote working, but that are becoming so much more important when we are working digitally.

At PayXpert we were already on this road to change, and COVID has been an accelerator of our transformation, which is still requiring from us so many efforts and requires so much of our attention to making sure we will not fall into the bias of thinking we have made it!

We still need to gain maturity as an organisation and as individuals.

"Chance favours the prepared mind"
Louis Pasteur

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