The benefits of Pay by Link for merchants and their customers


Published 06/05/2024 · 3 min read


In the ever-evolving landscape of payment solutions and consumer behaviour, the need for convenience has reached new heights. Enter Pay by Link, an innovative service that allows merchants to facilitate payments seamlessly through a simple link sent directly to their customers' inbox. This cutting-edge approach not only enhances the customer experience but also simplifies the payment process for both parties involved.

By granting access to payments via a simple link, Pay by Link’s versatility extends beyond traditional payment methods, allowing merchants to share it and connect with customers through various channels such as email, social media, and text messages. This accessibility makes it an indispensable tool for merchants operating in the eCommerce space, particularly those without a physical storefront or a fully optimised payment platform.

How does Pay by Link work?

At its core, Pay by Link is very straightforward. Merchants initiate the process by configuring payment details and generating a unique link, which is then dispatched to the customer via email or other preferred communication channels. Upon receiving the link, customers are directed to a dedicated checkout page where they can securely complete their transaction using their preferred payment method, whether it be credit cards, QR codes, or bank transfers.

Benefits for merchants and customers

There are many advantages to using Pay by Link. For customers, the flexibility to make payments at their convenience, using familiar devices and interfaces, and without needing to download any app enhances the overall shopping experience. Moreover, the security protocols embedded within the system ensure that sensitive information remains safeguarded throughout the transaction process. When integrated with a wallet like Apple Pay, Pay by Link can become even more efficient. This is because all the personal information stored in the wallet will be automatically pre-filled during the transaction process, facilitating one-click payments.

From a merchant's perspective, Pay by Link offers opportunities for growth and expansion. By breaking down geographical barriers and giving access to payments everywhere, merchants can significantly broaden their reach and boost their conversion thanks to a user-friendly and hassle-free payment solution. The convenience offered by the solution can significantly boost customer loyalty and help cultivate long-term relationships with the merchant’s clientele. Furthermore, the simple and seamless integration of Pay by Link into existing business frameworks minimises operational disruptions and maximises businesses’ efficiency.

What are the use cases of Pay by Link?

This solution can be used across various industries to enhance the customer experience. Here are a few examples:

  • A hotel or guest house can send a commercial proposal to a customer, including a payment link to facilitate payment for their travel. This allows the customers to review the offer at their convenience and make the payment whenever they choose, without the need to register on a specific platform.
  • A local convenience store receives a phone call to prepare a specific order. Before accepting, the store can simply send a payment link to the customer to process the transaction securely. This approach ensures that the customer's payment information remains confidential, and the merchant is promptly notified when the transaction is completed, allowing them to proceed with the order efficiently.
  • An institution dealing with unpaid bills can easily send a reminder to their customers via SMS, containing a direct link to a payment page. This enables customers to make payments directly from their phones by following the link, while the sender is notified immediately upon completion. This eliminates the need for customers to log in on their computers later, thereby minimising the risk of forgetting to make the payment. Once again, this solution benefits both the customer and the institution, creating a clear win-win scenario.

These are just a few examples of the many use cases covered by Pay by Link. Regardless of your business, this solution has the potential to significantly enhance your customer experience and improve your conversion rates.

How can PayXpert help your business?

PayXpert's Pay by Link solution* takes convenience to the next level by offering a suite of customisable features tailored to meet the unique needs of merchants:

  • Language settings: Customise emails in multiple languages to cater to diverse customer bases.
  • Order customisation: Personalise order IDs and descriptions to enhance clarity and transparency.
  • Link validity period: Exercise control over the duration for which payment links remain active, optimising security and convenience.
  • Transaction preferences: Select transaction types and currencies that align with your business requirements and customer preferences.
  • Payment split: Allow customers to split a big amount over a period of time before actually using the service or collecting the goods.
  • Subscription options: Convert one-time payments into recurring subscriptions, fostering long-term customer engagement and loyalty.

Ready to enhance your payment experience? Connect with our team of experts today and discover the transformative potential of Pay by Link for your business.

*PayXpert provides products and services in all of Europe and the UK. The acquiring services are managed by PayXpert Spain for Europe and PayXpert Ltd for UK. More details about the products and services offered by PayXpert are accessible via their official websites in the UK ( or Spain (


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    The benefits of Pay by Link for merchants and their customers

    In the ever-evolving landscape of payment solutions and consumer behaviour, the need for convenience has...