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The merchant may refuse payment in cash

access_time 04/07/2021 person Diego Katzman
UK one step ahead of its European neighbours Although pre-pandemic data indicated that cash is the preferred payment method for British, being the preferred option for 60% of payments, surveys suggest that this trend is starting to wane. According ...

How to increase sales in 2021 with WeChat Mini-Programs

access_time 04/06/2021 person Diego Katzman
How to sell more to Chinese customers? WeChat Pay is the answer If you visit our blog frequently, you know that WeChat Pay is one of the safe bets to sell more. Why? Because it's the preferred payment method of one billion people in the Asian ...

Entering the Chinese market through WeChat

access_time 04/05/2021 person Diego Katzman
Aiming the Chinese market is one of your dreams? That's why we are here. Entering the Chinese market is the dream of many eCommerces all over the world, but achieving it is a complex task if you don't know the right tools. That's our goal today. We ...

Most secure e-commerce payment methods

access_time 03/31/2021 person Diego Katzman
This is a different post for several reasons. Firstly, we are going to take a closer look at the different payment methods in e-commerce. Secondly, they are not just any payment methods, but the most popular on the market and the safest in the ...

Technical Release Overview for March 2021

access_time 03/30/2021 person Diego Katzman
The rapid growth in digital transactions will continue to heavily influence businesses using payment systems throughout 2021. Unified Commerce and eCommerce will be hot topics this year for the anticipated retail-to-online digital transformation ...

What are the advantages of Paylink payments?

access_time 03/30/2021 person Diego Katzman
Surely, you have heard of this payment method in more than one occasion. And it is no coincidence. Quite simply, every year the number of users with a preference for this type of payments increases, until it has become a popular model. But why is it ...

Top digital payment methods 2021

access_time 03/29/2021 person Diego Katzman
What are the digital payment methods trends in 2021? Have you ever wondered?

Join subscription sales and recurring payments

access_time 03/24/2021 person Diego Katzman
Your business can offer (and offer you) more. How? Thanks to subscription sales and recurring payments As developers of one of the most active fintechs in the European market, we work to offer financial tools that provide solutions to the needs of ...

Accept WeChat payments in my online store with PayXpert

access_time 03/23/2021 person Diego Katzman
Are you clear on what WeChat is, what it’s for and how to make the most out of your company? In this post, you will find out. Accepting payments from customers in other countries has never been easier. Nor has extending the borders of your business. ...

Accepting Alipay payments in my online store with PayXpert

access_time 03/22/2021 person Diego Katzman
Are you interested in accepting foreign payments? Did you know that Alipay is setting the trend in e-commerce?