4 reasons to update your ecommerce website in 2021


Published 27/04/2021 · 3 min read

Learn how to sell online with these simple tips

You may already have your own eCommerce website. However, the digital market is constantly adding new players, which means competition is increasing. That's why selling online requires constant updating and renewal of both the options you offer your customers (shipping options, payment gateway), and the tools you use to keep up to date with the status of your online commerce. Whether you have a large company or a small eCommerce business, the two keys to keep in mind when developing the best version of your eCommerce website are appearance and functionality. Here are 4 reasons to update your eCommerce website in 2021.

Rebranding: make your website reflects your visual identity

It seems obvious, but many companies forget to update the visual identity of their website. If you have made any kind of change in your branding (however small: typography, logo, etc.) you must also reflect it in your online store. Your website is one of the main visible aspects not only of your company but of its identity: the brand. Believe us: visual identity is a fine fabric full of nuances, taking care of the synchrony with your eCommerce website is key if you want to develop an effective corporate strategy.

How to generate web traffic? Create a mobile version of your eCommerce

If your eCommerce website doesn't have a mobile version, you're losing customers. According to Statista, 52.2% of web traffic comes from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). This requires an adaptation of the interface, as well as faster loading speed (allowing fast browsing even when away from home). Some companies even develop the mobile version of their website before the PC version. What does all this mean? Adapt your website to mobile traffic if you want to have more visits, better position your website in search engines, and ultimately generate more conversion.

Web positioning, the ABC’s of learning how to sell online

You can be the best at what you do, but nobody will know about it if you don't make sure you are heard. That's why you need web positioning: this is the tool you need to give your eCommerce the ultimate boost. This is where SEO, or search engine optimisation, comes into play. How to create a SEO-friendly page? The answer is: generate relevant, search-related content. The first step is to know the most searched words or concepts (related to your business); the second is to provide them with a context. Remember that Google penalises repetitive texts, so it's not going to be enough to cram your website with keywords. The secret is to generate useful content for the reader, and relevant to the search engine. Finally, keep in mind that Google makes new changes to its search engine algorithms approximately every six months. One more reason to keep your company's website up to date!

Is your payment gateway secure enough?

There are two types of payment gateways: those that are secure and those that are not. At least, that's what your customers will see when they shop on your website. That's why incorporating a simple and secure payment gateway is another reason to update your eCommerce website. An example of a non-secure payment gateway? Those that can be decrypted by cybercriminals. Examples of non-decryptable payment gateways? Those that use tokenization technology. Here's why. Unlike encryption, tokenization technology does not use sensitive customer data with each purchase (making it subject to interception and decryption with every transaction). Tokenization is more secure because, once the customer has entered their payment details on the first purchase, they are replaced by a token. That is, a number with no extrinsic value that will replace it in future transactions. In this way, your customers will know that you offer them maximum data protection.

Signs that you need to update your eCommerce website

If you've come this far and still don't know if your website needs a tune-up, here are some signs that you may not be making the most out of your online store.

  • Your website takes a long time to load. If you make customers wait... It is a bad sign. Remember that availability is one factor that plays in your favour when your client is still undecided; if you make him wait, he may decide to abandon your website and look at your competitors’ offers.
  • Improvable web positioning. You don’t appear in the first results when doing a Google search related to your content? Sign that you need to generate more and better SEO content. Remember that to position a website (whether or not you are an SEO expert) you have to generate content that responds to the interests of your potential client.
  • Your website does not represent you. If your website doesn't talk about you, it's not yours. It's not about filling it with your logo, but it's about aligning it with the different elements that build your visual identity: colours, typography, a language that represents the brand... It all adds up when there is intention.
  • Too many abandoned carts. Tired of seeing abandoned purchases at the last minute? A bad website is behind many of these unfinished purchases: unexpected last-minute charges or an insecure payment gateway or one that doesn't offer enough payment methods may be preventing you from selling more.

Create your best eCommerce website

When shopping online, your customers expect maximum security and payment flexibility from your eCommerce. Helping you integrate a payment gateway that offers all this to your customers and allows you to increase your conversion is our goal. As one of the leading financial partners, we know how to help our customers deliver the best to their customers. Do you want to know how? Visit our website to learn about the tools that will allow you to develop the best version of your eCommerce. Contact us and request a demo without obligation.

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