4 future financial trends you don't want to miss

Diego Katzman

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Published 14/09/2020

We show you the latest market trends so that you can plan the future of your business, and give you clues as to what decisions to take to develop strategies to sell more online or in physical shops.


Key aspects that will help you understand where the future financial management is headed.

Paying attention to the direction financial management, fintech and management control is taking is a key aspect in directing the growth of our business towards safe harbour. Here we bring you 4 new developments in financial technology that are laying the foundations for the global market in the coming years. If you've ended up in our blog, chances are you're already aware of the need for companies to be constantly evolving. As expert financial advisors, our job is to help companies stay relevant through financial technology. What is fintech? You might say. Let's just say they're all the tools and applications of technology designed to save you time and money in managing your finances. There's one thing we can promise you: it's worth it. And no, we don't say this to blow our own horn; the results of our clients back us up. 

If you're looking for a strategy to sell more or techniques for more efficient management control, you cannot miss these 4 financial keys for the future that will help you put your business one step ahead


An efficient team will be a digital team

As a team, at PayXpert we know that the human component of a company is what brings any idea to life. As technology advances, especially fintech, the need for a team with digital skills is growing. But not only that, continuous training is another aspect that companies will want to take into account when recruiting members who are able to keep up with technological development. As experts in financial technology tools, it is essential for us to be aware of the constant technological development. But it's not just us, the trends are clear: they point out to this being extrapolated to all markets. Technology is already an undeniable part of our lives. 


Big data management at the service of your business: management control, sales strategies and more

What used to be the business of giants such as Google or Facebook is now becoming a tool available to everyone that will not only allow you to know your clients and offer them a more personalised service, but will also help you develop detailed strategies to achieve specific objectives. And yes, this also applies to financial management control and KPIs.

We know that all the data generated in your business can be a little (rather quite) overwhelming. Both the operational data from your website and the financial data generated from your payments are nothing more than numbers. They are just numbers... In appearance. With the right Data Management tools and the help of an expert financial consultant, you can transform these numbers into easily interpretable statistics that will help you develop products and services adapted to a client you now know better. Once again, we bring you technology to help you position yourself in the most efficient way. 


A new era for enterprise resource planning systems

Financial management applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a central element of ERP. What is an ERP system? It is a system designed to optimise the internal operations of a company. How can fintech be applied to ERP? By managing your payments, optimising your conversion cycle and giving you a clear view of your finances. Again, we find tools designed to optimise the productivity of our business. But not only just to offer personalised services, but also so that you, your team and your partners can find out, on demand, the financial status of the business. This will not only make it easier for you to make decisions but will also save you time and money that you can invest in other processes.


Resources adapted to a globalised market

The Internet has proven (especially given the situation we are experiencing) to be the definitive platform to not only bring greater stability to the conversion cycle of your business, but also to allow it to reach markets that you did not even dream of a few years ago. If a year ago the trend was already a digitisation of the market, after the situation experienced in recent months it is undeniable that investing in the development of technological resources is a necessary commitment to ensure the continuity of the company. This means much more than developing an ecommerce website for your business: it also involves using the right tools to adapt it your visitors (and possible future buyers).

At PayXpert we know the importance of offering different payment methods to multiply the sales possibilities of an e-commerce website. Some of the payment methods you'll want to include in your ecommerce are the Russian MIR system, or the Chinese AliPay and WeChat Pay. Including international payment methods increases your potential customers by millions (that’d be something), showing them the friendliest and most professional face of your brand. 

We know that keeping your brand relevant in the market can be a difficult and expensive task. PayXpert was born to help you save time and money in the financial management of your business. How? Through financial technology tools specifically designed to help companies develop sales strategies and meet their goals. With years of experience in financial optimisation, we offer Data Management, Business Intelligence and Omnichannel Payments services to help you analyse the KPIs of your payments.

You may not have considered working with a financial consultant until now. You may not even know we existed. But if you made it this far, chances are you want to take your business to the next level. Do you like what you've read? We invite you to get to know us better: visit our website to discover optimisation services and tools, and request a demo. See you soon!

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