3 tips for the best sales campaign on Father's Day


Published 06/06/2022 · 3 min read

Design your own sales strategy with fintech

Father's Day is one of the many moments we have to show gratitude and affection to one of the most important members of our family. A small gift or going out to dinner together are some ways to tell them how much we love them. As an important date in the calendar, it must be present in the calendar for retail stores as well.

When is Father's Day and what does it mean for retail?

June 19th is the day set aside for Father's Day, a special date that also means a peak in the economic activity of retail stores around the world. The figures do not lie: Britain spends a minimum of £951 millions annually on this date. But the phenomenon knows no borders: according to a study by Statista, Italians plan to spend £20  on average on this date. And, of course, the United States is no slouch on this date either: in 2021 the sales forecast for this holiday reached 20 billion dollars.

It's a fact: Father's Day is a date on the calendar that you cannot miss if you want to offer the best to your customers. And how to satisfy their needs to reach as many customers as possible? In this post we talk about 3 essential tips to improve your business’s user experience (whether physical or online) exponentially this Father's Day 2022.

Reach more customers: boost your business reach with alternative payment methods

One of the best ways to make your customers feel at home is to offer them their usual payment method. It is no longer enough to offer a traditional payment gateway with the same old payment options (Visa, Mastercard and PayPal). The market for payment methods has diversified and is growing more and more. That is why it is necessary to stay ahead of your customers’ needs, and go one step further: offering the best payment gateway for your physical or online business today means offering a payment gateway with alternative payment methods. PayXpert’s payment gateway supports more than 25 different international payment methods, and is compatible with 100 different currencies. The best way to maximise your business reach on Father's Day: build customer loyalty, acquire new customers and drive your business conversion to its full potential.

A customised payment gateway is multichannel

Because it is not enough to offer payment methods that are compatible with more and more customers; to offer the best user experience in both physical stores and eCommerce, omnichannel payments are becoming increasingly important. What are omnichannel payments? It is a centralised system of different payment channels that can enrich the shopping experience, and adapt to the needs of each of your customers.

Here is an example: thanks to multichannel payments, your customers will be able to browse your online store and be redirected to a digital payment gateway via a link that they will receive by SMS or email; they can also make a payment through a phone call where they will be answered through IVR; or place an online order and pick it up in store, where they will pay with a state-of-the-art POS.

In short, multichannel payments allow you to make the moment of payment more flexible in order to adapt to the specific needs of each of your customers. The result is an individualised user experience and a higher conversion rate optimisation for your business.

Protect your business from fraud and optimise your profits

One of the side effects of the digital commerce boom is the emergence of more and better forms of fraud. To protect your business from this new danger, we've developed a risk management tool that uses your business’s big financial data and advanced algorithms to help you detect suspicious transactions and allow you to continue to increase conversions while keeping fraud at bay. The result? A scalable, flexible and intelligent prevention module. The best of financial technology to help you optimise your business profits.

Learn how to sell optimally with PayXpert

Everyone wants to learn how to sell more, but only a few of us teach you how to sell more in the best way: through financial optimisation tools. We want to show you everything that fintech hides for a business like yours: the best payment gateway, management control tools and, ultimately, greater profitability for your business and the best user experience for your store. Take the plunge into the future with one of the leading financial partners in the industry.

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